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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ahaa!! mah comp!!!

mah comp. has proved it yet again!!!!d most phiuucharless piece ov machine of d planet!! day b4 mah lst xam…Mornin at 11:00
tryin 2 connect to the net…
evrytym comp. sayz…”Error:718 The server is taking too long to respond.Please try again after some tym!!” tried fer 1 hour…no hope , useless!! shut it dwn!!
tryin 2 connect….still d sm ol message!!!!!!smashed mah keyboard thrice…hit mah cpu still no phiuuchaar!! sed :@#*^#@*^*@*@ played a bit ov nfs den vent ov to sleep!!
nxt day at 3pm….….tried to connect. yeahh!!!ebar connected …gr8 speed net wrkin fine….browsers opening nd closing!!!!(thot hey mayb hittin d cpu w/ a force ov 100N rillie works!!) onekkhon net holo…den inserted d nfs disk………no response…took it out nd insertd it again…still no response!
hell!! now net wrkin fyn…but cd drive’s screwed!!!!!more probs. hdd freezes if comp. is used fer more dan 3 hrs!!!! :|
p.s. if u think ur comp. is as phiuucharless as myn…rite to me!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


its finally up..anoder blog!!!!!
now dt i hv no wrk 2 do..shall fill up dis blog with w/e dt cumes in mah head!!!

Anoda spam!!!!

recieved it way bck!!!!chk it out...
[warnin...if ye 4get ur english afta readin dis..dun blame me..blame ur self fer readin it..peace]




I did not expect that you will answer me. It is a pleasant surprise for
me. [aage toh kono dino mail koreni....so frm whr does d qs. of reply cumes]
Likely first your question it whence I have taken your address of mail.
I have
found it on the Internet casually when looked as to get acquainted with
the most
successful person on the Internet.
[me nd d most succesful person on d net!!!rotfl...]
Also has casually seen your address.
Probably it is a mistake but it is a pleasant mistake for me.
It is pleasant for me to get acquainted with you.
I shall tell about myself to give you representation about me.
My name Irina. to me of 28 years. I was never married. I have no
children. But I dream sometime to construct family with the good person.
[construct family!!!! hell no]
It is
desirable not from Russia. Because I want to live not in Russia.
Because I think that
person cannot open completely the potential and all opportunities in
I live in city name Kazan. it about 800 kilometers to a southeast from
Small and beautiful city. It is a lot of trees and rivers close to
city. [lot ov tres whoa!!!!]A
line is river Volga. I fine beaches like to have a rest in the summer
on Volga.[beach beside a river!!!!rotfl..]
I work at school as the teacher of Russian and the literature. Has
pedagogical university in 22 years.
[wuts pedalogical univ. nd 22 yrs course...wuts her age now!!! 80??]
Already 6 years work as the
teacher. It not
dream of my work. Because in Russia teachers do not appreciate as for
in other countries. There is no career of growth.
[am lost...career ov growth..!!sum1 pls xplain] I do not want to work
life as the teacher. I dream sometime to open the center of preparation
receipt in universities.
[center of preparation for receipt in universities...
wuts dis supposed 2 mean..clerk??

I live one. I rent a room. At me it is direct in a room there is a
with which I and write to you. My parents 12 years have died and have
left me
I do not have relatives. And because of it to me it is very melancholy.
nothing me in Russia. Only work and hope that sometime I shall find the
man of
the dream.
I like when the man present. These are such qualities as courage, mind,
internal beauty, the honesty, able to build the life and always to go
to an
object in view.
I have growth of 1.74 meters.[growth!!! wut growth???? ahems] Weight of 60 kgs.
[weight niye ami ki korbo]
I think that my photo will allow to present you me. I have still photos
send you.
Write to me about itself also.[itself...am i a machine or worse am i 'red']
That you like in the girl. You
appreciate what
I hope that you will write to me soon. I shall wait with hope that my
has reached you.

[ekta pic o attach korechilo...sry cnt post dat!!!!!]